Arnaud Sequier architect D.P.L.G


> A graduate of the Luminy School of Architecture in Marseille in 1995, Arnaud SEQUIER opened his agency in Saint Raphael in 1997.
> From the start, his style has been characterized by a modern approach and Mediterranean roots. Driven by a rigorous spirit and the mastering of architectural techniques, his projects are part of a timeless dynamics, where outer and inner spaces are either blurred or highlighted, skillfully staged by natural light.
> The agency deals with all kinds of projects, in an architectural style combining standards and creativity, and an everlasting concern for aesthetic impact : private houses, multifamily housing, office building, public infrastructure…
> His distinctive approach and unique projects constantly challenge stylistic considerations and blend with the soul of the place, its history and its surroundings, hence his solid international reputation from Saint Tropez to Moscow, through Cannes, Bucarest and Papeete.
> If architecture is a state of mind as Le Corbusier wrote, our goal is to achieve tailormade projects as if they were ours.